Travel Guide: Luquillo/Fajardo Puerto Rico

We split our time in Puerto Rico between San Juan and Luquillo.  We decided to spend a few nights in a Luquillo to enjoy a more laid back beach town as well as visit Yoko's family and see where her father grew up. We did some research ahead and while Uber was an option ($50 one way) we decided to rent a car ($27/day EZ rentals) so we could explore on our own. Luquillo is where you will find the famous Kioskos and El Yunque national rainforest.  A different pace from the city of San Juan but the people are still lively and inviting. 

Beach across from house Yoko's Dad grew up in.

Here are some of our suggestions when visiting the area:


  • Airbnb: Love Soul Boutique 
    • If you’re planning on spending a night or two in Luquillo you MUST stay the night at Molly & Pedro’s home. Every room is hand painted, carefully curated and vibrating with so much love. The front and back porch have spectacular views of the water and mountains. We will definitely be staying here our next visit.

Things to do:

    • Kioskos: Driving into Luquillo on a Sunday afternoon the Kioskos were JUMPING! La Parrilla seems to be the spot, we did our souvenir shopping here and enjoyed some local street food. There is also a very calm beautiful beach right outside the kioskos.  Most of the area has large waves but there is a reef protecting this particular area.

    • El Yunque: the only tropical forest in the U.S. National Forest system, El Yunque may be a ways away from a full recovery since Maria but it is still worth the drive up. You can drive right up to Coca Falls and if you're looking for a hike the Angelito Trail is open and ends in a swimming hole.

    • Surf Lessons: there are a few Mom and Pop surf schools neither of us had ever surfed before so we appreciated the one on one attention while we can't link you to our specific instructor you'll run into a few when going towards the beach near Molly's home. Boardriders is a more commercial establishment but unfortunately they open later in the day and we set out early morning. 

    • Bioluminescent Bay: 20 min drive from Luquillo we made reservations with Kayaking Puerto Rico they seemed to have the best price and reviews ($48 pp) however, we happened to book on a night of a thunderstorm and unfortunately did not make it out to sea.  This will definitely be at the top of our list for our next visit. They did offer us a refund and or to reschedule which was very nice of them.


    • Leñas
      • Our first stop in Luquillo and we cannot wait to eat here again. The live music, bakery and great service were the best welcome into town. We insisted on meeting and shaking hands with the owner
        • Drinks: lemonade & a coconut mojito, the most impressive part was watching her pick and grind the fresh mint straight from the plant. 
        • Food: mozerella sticks, Cubano, shrimp risotto. It was all very tasty but the risotto was the real shocker it’s a MUST TRY! 

    • Williams 
      • Chorizo y Cebolla: small was perfect for two. Nothing too fancy but a cheap quick bite. 

    • Pan Mas Rico:
      • While Molly & Pedro provide a light breakfast we wanted to enjoy a traditional one before we left. 
        • Scrambler, Pancake, Cafe con Leche, Pan & beef empanada

and that is a little glimpse into our visit to Luquillo, before we left we were already anticipating planning our return.  It was so peaceful and beautiful. Miles and miles beach, surf, kayaking, hiking, we could spend weeks here. Thanks for joining us for another Wanderlust Wednesday!

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