ATL Black Restaurant Week in Review

ATL Black Restaurant Week in Review

Last week we had the privilege of covering Atlanta’s Black Restaurant Week and what treat it was! We tried cuisine from around the world- made in our own backyard.  We met some of ATL’s most brilliant culinary entrepreneurs, tasted their food and heard their stories. 

Here are some highlights from our week:

Cafe Songhai

Located in Peach Tree Corners this West African Eatery is a gem! Sweet sounds of African music can be heard as you enter.  A warm ambiance with touches of traditional West African decor. From assorted meats to vegan options everyone is bound to visit and enjoy. We tried a little bit of everything! Grilled Tilapia, Assorted Meat, Red Red,Parboil & Jasmine rice, beef suya and Ifeanyi’s favorite: Eugusi Soup & pounded yams.  Many fear the spice of West African cuisine but at Cafe Songhai they cater to the average pallet.  Nothing was overly spicy and everything was bursting with flavor. Great customer service, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere. If you haven't tasted west African food and have a craving for something different Cafe Songhai is the place to go to. Insider news: enjoy Kizomba dancing 1,2 & 4 Fridays and a comedy show September 29th. Checkout their instagram for more details.


Mangos specializes in beautiful Caribbean food, made right here in the heart of Atlanta! We had the privilege of trying the oxtail, snapper, plantain, rice & peas, and their infamous mango lemonade & tea. "The flavor is SENSATIONAL" , Ifeanyi yelled! This restaurant is not only lovely on the inside but is in a great location in downtown Atlanta. The most interesting thing we found out about this restaurant is that it stays open super late on the weekends- until 4am! So, if you're out late and have the hunger for some Caribbean cuisine then Mangos is for sure the go to spot. They also have $2 rum punch Sunday and Tuesdays and a DJ on the weekends.   If you haven’t been it’s definitely one to add to your list! 

Sound Bites at the ATL Food Truck Park

Sweet sounds from your favorite local DJ's, a variety of up and coming food trucks,  adult caprisuns and community pretty much summarizes Sound Bites. We arrived midday and the lines were all wrapped, despite the heat people enjoyed casual conversations with strangers as they waited, laughter could be heard all over and in the corner of ones eye you can catch a group of friends feeling the beat. Here are some notes from the few bites we shared:

Jerk Brothers 

Patricia & Paul, cousins from Jamaica have been roaming the ATL streets with their food truck Jerk Brothers for 4 years now. Their chicken is tender, well marinated and covered in their signature brown sauce, the cabbage is fresh flavorful and packs a nice crunch, plantains are sweet and tender and the rice & peas are perfectly seasoned. Pro tip: Don't leave Jerk Brothers without a serving of their Island Punch.  Hints of lemon, lime, orange and a top secret ingredient it's sweet, slightly tart and refreshing.  

Follow Jerk Brothers on instagram for their pop up schedule. Tell them we sent ya! 

Fresh 22 

Tan Bowers is the epitome of a girl boss. Owner of the ATL food truck park, when not working with her tenants and planning events she has began venturing into the food truck business herself. We had the pleasure of sampling her eats at her soft opening during BRW. She assured us that although her truck was new and unwrapped she was no rookie to the food game. We tried a fruit smoothie and garden salad. The smoothie was sweet and refreshing with no added sweeteners, it included: Strawberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple and ginger. The salad was packed with spinach feta, corn, heirloom tomatoes,  sunflower sprouts, fresh broccoli, chives & there is an option to add avocado. The best part? The Balsamic fig dressing: sweet, tangy and not too sour. Fresh 22 hours and locations TBA.

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Local Green Atlanta

Taking the West End by storm this new food truck focuses on providing fresh, local, healthy food. They do not serve chicken or beef and offer pescatarian and vegan options.  Some of the things on thier menu include: Açaí bowls, veggie pizza, infamous Shrimp burger, fish tacos and more! We tried the shrinp burger and fish tacos and both were sauced up to perfection.  The crunchy coleslaw and toasted bun are what make the shrimp burger irresistible. The fish tacos are fresh off the grill with custom cut mini tortillas. Insider news:  LGA will be having their storefront grand opening October 1st a time is TBA.  The store will be located at 27 Joseph E Lowery Blvd.

Follow Local Green Atlanta on instagram for all updates.

A Taste of Grace

We caught a Taste of Grace with only a few months under their belt but they were not to be mistaken as rookies. This food truck is uniquely run by a local church: Elizabeth Baptist church.  The truck is run as a non-profit, using the money made in food sales to provide food for the homeless on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings.  When asked who was the head chef teammate Angela stated, we work as a team there isn't one "leader". Serving southern inspired cuisine, from cat fish, mac & cheese, ribs and peach cobbler to shrimp tacos and sweet potato fries. This food is undoubtedly made with love (and all the blessings).  A Taste of Grace is currently in their building phases however you can visit the EBC website for updates.

Honorable Mentions

We weren't able to snap any photos but PLEASE do not sleep on what we're about to share:

Tucked in the back of the food truck park we stumbled upon the gem of all smoothie trucks- Smooth N Groove! Run by husband and wife not only does this truck serve fresh delicious smoothies, they bring the party with the owners very own grooving playlist.  If that doesn't sell you, ALL the smoothies are named after dances: tango, hula, butterfly, do it for the vine and our new favorite the Nae Nae.  We had never "Nae Nae'ed" a day in our lives but believe this smoothie had us thinking we could. Find SmoothNGroove on instagram and see where they grooving to next.

We would like to thank Black Restaurant Week and The B Firm PR for hosting us.
We are already anticipating next years BRW.

As always guys...

Wander Don't wonder,
Ifeanyi & Mercedes



    Thank you for all you are doing with exposing our culture to us! I live in SELMA, ALABAMA -- we would welcome some of the food truck vendors! Is there any way you might come on over to Selma during our Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee ~ March 2019? We would love to have you here!!!!


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