Au Pan Crepe OTP Atlantas best kept French secret...

The cat's out the bag! We journeyed  OTP (outside the perimeter) of Atlanta and found ourselves in Alpharetta just outside of Avalon.  We exited the highway and a short ways down the road stumbled upon Au Pan Creperie. When people think crepes they often assume lunch and dessert, however we picked the perfect night to visit. 
It was the first night of their new dinner menu. 

As we entered the restaurant we were greeted by Dai the owner.  Her sweet smile and gentle voice instantly made us feel welcomed. There was a display of carefully crafted desserts to our left, an open kitchen directly in front of us (where the magic was happening) and as we walked to our seats we were moved to the calming sounds of live music.

On Thursdays there are Free wine tastings from 6-8p and live music from 6-9p.  All wine purchases made from the tasting help to benefit your local food bank as part of the Kick the Hunger Challenge. 

Yes for wine and charity!!!!

Now for the good stuff.
 Here are some of the foods we tried and loved:

"Salmon Salad"
Freshly seared salmon over a dill cream spread and baguette slice. It was love at first bite. The perfectly cooked salmon was a great compliment to the creamy dill which was so rich in flavor and nicely cut with a touch of citrus from the orange. Highly recommended for anyone that loves salmon but prefers to keep it light.

Saumon Grillé
 Grilled salmon over a bed of asparagus with a touch of Sangria foam and a side of pureed celery root.  Garnished with Roasted red pepper purée and a little butter lemon cream sauce ber blanc. We are salmon lovers, and after enjoying the first dish, another taste of salmon was a must! This dish was light yet filling.  The celery root was he star, it was the first time we had tried a puree like this and it took us by surprise. An explosion of flavors that perfectly complimented the richness of the salmon and crunch of the asparagus. We usually steer away from celery but that puree was exceptional! If you are not a fan of salad but are craving salmon this is the dish for you!

Boeuf Bourguignon
Slow cooked beef in a red wine reduction served with small white potatoes and carrots, topped with hearty bits of bacon. After enjoying the first two entrees we didn't think we could be more impressed. We were wrong. THIS BEEF WAS PERFECTION. Made in a red wine reduction every bite was satisfyingly delicious. If we are being honest we were already getting full and wanting to leave room for dessert but it was to good to even leave one bite. If fish is not your forte this is the entree for you.

(Opening photo)
La Saint Jacques
We enjoyed this dish earlier in the night and it was the perfect introduction to the world of Savory Crepes. 
Scallops atop a leek fondue with balsamic pearl. As onion lovers we were naturally excited about a leek fondue. Fun fact about savory crepes, they are traditionally made out of Buckwheat and are gluten free high fiber high protein.
 Gluten free friends, we have a winner!

Drum roll....... NOW FOR DESSERT:

The Banana Split Crepe
Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream served with fresh berries, bananas, chocolate sauce and whip cream.
Such a fun twist on an American classic. For those that don't know we are huge ice cream lovers so this was by far the dessert crepe for us. We had to jump in and ask some new friends to share. 
It is also topped with nuts but you can request it without if needed.

Just when we thought the night was over, we caught ourselves gawking at Chef Nikko as he whipped up a Tutti Fruit Crepe: berries, mango, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and nuts for a little crunch. 
A much lighter and still tasty dessert option.

The best part? Chef Julian had flown in from France earlier that week. What a treat!!!
We had a chance to meet him on our way out and could feel his passion for his craft through his words.  He shared with us he was excited to be embarking on his 10th year as a chef.  He even opened up about how his love for food and cooking started as a young child spending time in the kitchen with his mother.  When we asked him what he loved most about his career he responded "being able to express myself through food while creating a space for people to break bread and be merry". It was such an honor to dine with Chef Julian and Nikko. 
Enjoying the authentic flavors of France in our own backyard.  

If you're planning a visit special days to consider are: 
Thursday Free Wine Tastings, Live Music & Buy One Get One Crepes 6-9p 
Sunday brunch from 11a-4pm with specialty mimosa flights.

We would like to thank Dai and her staff for their amazing service and look forward to returning with friends!

Wander Don't Wonder,
Fonz & Mercedes


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